Joann Baker, Romance Writer

Meet Me

I Love to Write! and I love writing with my partner, Patricia Mason

Our heroes are men who know what they want and know how to it. Of course, sometimes they can be a little stubborn admitting what they want! The are a little larger than life - rancher, bikers, lawmen, billionaires - alpha males through and through.

Our heroines are every day women who think they don't deserve love for one reason or another - their looks, their size, their position in the world. But the are tough and smart and downright stubborn when it comes to believing they deserved to be loved.

I have been writing since well, forever. Or so it seems. My writing partner and I have tried the traditional route and meet with very little success. In 2012 we took the plunge and decided to self-publish - and we loved it! When we get a review - good or bad - it makes our day because it means someone bought our book, READ our book and took the time to tell it what they thought. We also love those emails (hint, hint) that say our heroines touched them in some way.

The only thing that would make the writing experience any better would be doing it full time!

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